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Version: 11


Master Controller SDK

The Master Controller SDK is a software development kit that allows your app to communicate with SSMS in a secure manner. The API provides a set of functions to easily create an app that performs secure transactions. The Master Controller SDK includes hardening, security measures as well as the communication component to the SSMS and the necessary CA certificates.

The Master Controller SDK uses events based communication to provide security features like activation, login, and secure transactions. The purpose of Master Controller Getting Started is to provide details of the mechanism of the master controller. The getting started contains the reusable codes to use the events or features from the master controller.

This blog contains getting started for programming languages like Swift, Kotlin that will allow you to understand how you can use the SDK in native or cross-platform languages. So, if you are using any other language, you can still use the SDK. These applications also handle error cases/codes that the master controller may respond to if there is an issue.

These apps also contain mock-up test cases. These test cases showcase the flow of the application that will allow you to understand the mechanism of the master controller and how your app should behave in any scenario. Also, it mocks up the behavior of the master controller that gives us easy access to check the correct feature/flow implementation.

This documentation contains complete document for how to use Master Controller SDK using different technologies given below-