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Version: 14

Transition Guide from older MC SDK

Deprecated Event Status

To make your app compilable with MC-Version(115.0) you need to remove some deprecated event statuses that are listed here event status list. This is only needed if you have used some of these status types in your app, otherwise ignore this.


We enhanced the configuration and api according to the feedback from our customers.

  • scp_config is now changed to mc_config so you need to update this file in your configuration.

  • rename your scp_config.json file to mc_config.json. Update the key name according to the description given bellow and the value remain unchanged.

  • This 'iam' is only used if you use KOBIL Digitanium+ or KOBIL Shift Lite, if you use KOBIL Digitanium do not add this key in your mc_config file.

mc_config for KOBIL Digitanium+ or KOBIL Shift Lite systems
"useScp": false
"useTokenBasedLogin": true,
"useSmartScreen": false,
"astServerBackend": "ssms",
"iam": {
"clientId": "",
"serverUrl": "",
"redirectUri": "",
"trustedSslServerCerts": []
mc_config for AST/KOBIL Digitanium systems
"useScp": false,
"useTokenBasedLogin": false,
"useSmartScreen": false,
"astServerBackend": "ssms"


The sdk_config.xml is now required to be located in the root of the assets folder. Depending on how your project is set up you may also want to have the mc_config.xml of your default environment in the assets' root.