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Version: 14

Hardening Topics

Hardening Differences Between Debug and Release builds

Antidebugging In Release builds

Our Hardening and App Security is part of every delivery and behaves different in release and debug. So therefore you should early tests with a release build and test the functionality. The release build disables debug support. You won't be able to debug your app. An attached debugger is intepreted as an attack. Every debug build can be identified in a message box that opens up automaticaly.

Device Binding in Debug and Release Builds Differs

Device Binding behaves diffent on release and debug builds. Therefore test update tests finaly only with release SDK builds. You can tests update tests between debug builds as they all have the same device binding.

Integrity Check

While developing disable integrity check, because every rebuild which change the running application and an enabled ingtegrity check wants to garanti that no code changes can be done.

Start Early Release Tests With Enabled Integrity Check

To avoid problems with full enabled security and hardening features start early tests with releae builds and enabled integrity check