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Version: 14

MC Configuration files Overview

An KOBIL Secured app is always tied together with one KOBIL Security Server installation, therefore such an app has to hand over some configuration files to the MasterController. The files depend on the used KOBIL solution:

SolutionSecurity ServerMC Configuration files
KOBIL DigitaniumSSMSsdk_config.xml signed by the SSMS
KOBIL Digitanium+SSMS with KOBIL IDPsdk_config.xml signed by the SSMS
KOBIL Shift LiteAST Services with KOBIL IDPsdk_config.jwt signed by AST Services

Note that in all these configuration files (and in some other places) you need to manage a "trust store", so we suggest to first read and understand the documentation of which certificates to put into that trust store before starting to create configuration files.