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Version: 4.18.1


An environment through which the work flow and resource use are coordinated by the system. Subsystems categorizes the type of API that has been called.

Subsystem Information

0Request filterDenotes the API that handles url validation while the user tries to login to mID.
1AppDenotes all application related API's such as application creation, adding, assigning and removing versions, etc.
2ManagementDenotes all Management related activities such as Role permissions and certificate related API's.
3TenantDenotes tenant related functions such as managing tenant, management and service credential related API's.
4MonitoringDenotes Monitoring related API's such as Reporting logs, audit data and statistical review etc.
5UserDenotes all the API's that handle all user related functionalities such as user creation, activation code creation, token creation, user property retrieval, user password creation, etc.
6DeviceDenotes all the device related API's such as locking and unlocking a device, retrieving device properties and device information, etc.