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Version: 4.18.1

SMTP Configuration

The API must be setup with SMTP settings in order for end-users to get email notifications.

Resource Informations

Requires authentication?Yes
Rate limited?No


Request headers

AuthorizationBearer token

HTTP request URL for SSMS

POST https://{tenantId}.{hostname}/digitanium/v4/mail/config

HTTP request URL for SHIFT

POST https://{hostname}/auth/realms/{tenantId}/mail/setup

API requests must be made over https. Calls made over plain http will fail.


No parameter fields are required.

Request body (* Required)

Field NameTypeDescription
replyToDisplayNameStringA user friendly display name for reply address.
starttlsbooleanTo enable TLS.
portStringEnter valid port number.
*hostStringEnter valid host(
replyToStringMail to which reply needs to be sent.
*fromStringEnter from mailId.
fromDisplayNameStringA user friendly display name for from address.
envelopeFromStringAn email address used for bounces.
sslbooleanTrue = Enable SSL.
userStringFrom mail address.
passwordStringPassword corresponding to from mail address.

Sample Request

"replyToDisplayName": "Receiver",
"starttls": "true",
"port": "587",
"host": "",
"replyTo": "***@****.com",
"from": "****@****.com",
"fromDisplayName": "From KC Test team",
"envelopeFrom": "",
"ssl": "false",
"user": "********@****.com",
"password": "*******"


Field NameTypeDescription
messageStringMessage explains result of the API call. Refer Response status Information for details.
statusStringThe status of the API call. Refer Response status Information for details.
subSystemIntegersubSystem categorizes the type of API that has been called. Refer Subsystem details for details.

Sample Response

"message": "Successfully updated SMTP Details",
"status": "OK",
"subSystem": 8

Response Status Information

Status CodeStatusMessage
200OKSuccessfully updated SMTP Details.
400BAD_REQUESTHost and From is mandatory to update Email Configuration.
401UnauthorizedHTTP 401 Unauthorized.