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Update Tenant

Update Tenant is used to update the tenant, which was created using Create Tenant.

Resource Informations​

Requires authentication?Yes
Rate limited?No


Request headers​

AuthorizationBearer token

HTTP request URL for SSMS​

PUT https://{tenantId}.{hostname}/digitanium/v4/tenants/{tenantId}


PUT https://{tenantId}.{hostname}/digitanium/v4/tenants/?tenantname=testrealm

HTTP request URL for SHIFT​

PUT https://{hostname}/auth/realms/master/v3_realm/{tenantId}

API requests must be made over https. Calls made over plain http will fail.


No parameter fields are required.

Request body​

Field NameTypeDescription
realmStringDefine unique realm id.
enabledStringIf this is set to true the realm is enabled.
loginThemeStringDefine the theme of the realm.
accountThemeStringDefine the theme of the account.
adminThemeStringDefine the theme of the admin.
adminFirstNameStringDefine Firstname of admin user.
adminLastNameStringDefine Lastname of admin user.
bruteForceProtectedStringBruteforce will be activated, if enabled.
otpBruteForceProtectedStringBruteforce will be activated for otp brute force detection.
requiredActionsBooleanPre-requisite for the functionality required.
aliasStringPre-requisite for the functionality required.
nameStringThe name for the required action.
providerIdStringThe required action’s Id.
enabledBooleanIf this is true the required action is enabled.
PriorityIntegerThe execution order of the required action.

Sample Request​

"realm": "tenantExt0019",
"enabled": true,
"loginTheme": "kobilv2",
"accountTheme": "kobilv2",
"adminTheme": "kobilv2",
"emailTheme": "kobilv2",
"adminEmail": "",
"adminFirstName": "",
"adminLastName": "",
"bruteForceProtected": true,
"otpBruteForceProtected": true,
"alias": "kobil-reg-status-required-action",
"name": "KOBIL Registration Status Verification",
"providerId": "kobil-reg-status-required-action",
"enabled": true,


Field NameTypeDescription
messageStringMessage explains result of the API call. Refer Response status Information for details.
statusStringThe status of the API call. Refer Response status Information for details.
subSystemIntegersubSystem categorizes the type of API that has been called. Refer Subsystem details for details.

Sample Response​

"message": "Tenant updated successfully",
"status": "OK",
"subSystem": 1

Response Status Information​

Status CodeStatusMessage
200OKTenant updated successfully
401UnauthorizedHTTP 401 Unauthorized
404TENANT_NOT_FOUNDTenant does not exist