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Version: 4.18.1

KOBIL Magic Link

The main task of this execution is to authenticate user through email via link.


ProtocolOpenID Connect 1.0
HTTP methodGET
TypeBrowser Flow
EndpointAuthorization Endpoint
Flow SupportedAuthorization code flow
Implicit flow
Hybrid flow
ResponseID Token, Access Token, Refresh Token
Response Modequery, form_post, fragment

How to configure​

To access the config of the execution press the Actions button and select Config. The authenticator configuration screen will appear. Then enter your config data.

KOBIL Magic Link


AliasDisplay name of configuration, which occurs in authentication.
Allow Login Directly with Magic LinkAuthenticate user through email via link.
Reset passwordAllows users to reset their password by clicking on the Magic Link if the parameter is enabled. Else, users will not be able to reset their password.
Redirect URIConfigure the URI to which the user will be redirected after authentication.
Magic Link Email SubjectConfigure the subject of the email.

KOBIL Magic link

User Flow​

Execution Flow​

This execution contains the following main steps:

  1. KOBIL Magic Link must be preceded by 1FA since it procures a user's identity validation from this precedent Authenticator. For instance: KOBIL Username Password Form.
  2. User's identity is validated with KOBIL Username Password Form .
  3. Magic link (2FA) is initiated to verify the user withΒ  Email and continue the Login.
KOBIL Magic Link