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mID Provider Versions

This section catalogues details of all the various versions of this product and contains reference to documentation for every version. New versions of this product are released ever so often and this section would be updated regularly.

Current Version (Stable)

4.18.1DocumentationAPI ReferenceRelease Notes

This is the latest stable version of the product and the default configuration used for any current installations.

Pre-release Version

NextDocumentationAPI ReferenceRelease Notes

This is the experimental version used to test and determine the performance of the product prior to release.

Old versions

4.18.0DocumentationAPI ReferenceRelease Notes
4.17.0DocumentationAPI ReferenceRelease Notes
4.16.0DocumentationAPI ReferenceRelease Notes

These are the previous versions of the product. Refer below for documentation on any specific older version.

Legacy Versions (Not maintained anymore)

Documentation and API References is no longer actively maintained for older versions. You can still view the changelogs of older versions. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.