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mID Provider(IAM)

mID Provider (IAM) is a platform that allows apps and services to use Single Sign On (SSO). Using conventional SSO protocols, you'll be able to integrate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions to apps and secure services with no effort. There's no need to concern with user storage or authentication as we included it in the mID Provider(IAM) platform. Advanced integration options such as Identity Provisioning and Intelligent Authentication using KOBIL specific authentication methods will be available.

mID Provider(IAM) enables the following functions.

  • User Management
  • Registration/Un-registration
  • Account 2FA Device Management
  • Account Self Service
  • Authentication

mID Server(SSMS)

The KOBIL Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) provides a centralized management solution for all of your KOBIL authentication clients. KOBIL's product portfolio includes everything from One-Time Password (OTP) solutions to Smart Card-based solutions, as well as cutting-edge technology in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via Mobile App Security Technology (mAST). You'll be able to manage all of your devices and software applications through a centralized management system that really is secure and adaptable, without compromising your business logic or data.


For more details please refer to SSMS documentation.

The server activates the primary module, Application Security Management (ASM), as well as secondary modules like Kernel and Password Authentication Management (PAM).

ASM Module

You can manage apps, users, and devices using the ASM module (for example, mobile smartphones or desktop devices). Along with the ASM's management operations, the service node's SOAP functionalities can be incorporated into a web portal to check devices and users who have previously registered on the system. It's also worth noting that you'll need to install the SVM module in order to use ASM. SVM allows you to assign certificates to users or devices and enforce data authentication.

mID Connector


The mID Connector is a software component that connects the two major components, mID Provider (IAM) and mID Server (SSMS). It allows you to do the following things.

  • mID REST Interface
  • Redis
  • mID Pooler

mID REST Interface

Internal intermediate gateway that gives a REST interface and converts REST requests to SOAP calls.


The mID Connector and mID Pooler use Redis to store and access transaction-related data.

mID Pooler

mID Server(SSMS) bulk transactions and events are pooled and published to the mID Connector on a regular basis.