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IDP Scheduler


The IDP Scheduler is used to repeatedly execute the tasks within the time interval. It utilizes the JobRunr framework to effectively manage these tasks.


The IDP Scheduler does not support Connector Events scheduler. However, the Dead User Event Scheduler, Dead Event Cleaner Scheduler, and Basic Scheduler can be executed in the IDP Scheduler.


Job Scheduling: This is another area of strength in IDP Scheduler. User can plan jobs to run in the future, which is particularly easy for postponing heavy tasks to the times when the system is less busy. Additionally, this scheduling capability will ensure crucial operations take place at specific intervals.

Automatic Error Recovery: IDP Scheduler comes with in-built error handling and retry options. If a task fails temporarily, the IDP Scheduler can automatically make repeated attempts based on the defined retry policy, which increase the chances of success.

Efficient Parallel Processing: The library can handle multiple background tasks simultaneously. It utilizes multi-core processors to process tasks faster and more efficiently, reducing execution time.

Smart Queue Management: IDP Scheduler takes care of managing and processing task queues, ensuring that jobs are processed in the right order, based on the application's requirements.

How to configure the Schedulers?

  1. Navigate to the Schedulers in IDP.


  1. Select the type of Scheduler and time interval to be executed.

  2. Click on the OK button.


IDP - Scheduler