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Identity Provider (IDP)

Identity Provider (IDP) is a platform that allows apps and services to use Single Sign On (SSO). Using conventional SSO protocols, you'll be able to integrate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions to apps and secure services with no effort. There's no need to concern with user storage or authentication as we included it in the Identity Provider (IDP) platform. Advanced integration options such as Identity Provisioning and Intelligent Authentication using KOBIL specific authentication methods will be available.

Identity Provider(IDP) enables the following functions.

  • User Management
  • Registration/Un-registration
  • Account 2FA Device Management
  • Authentication

Application Security Technology (AST)

The Application Security Technology (AST) provides a centralized management solution for all of your KOBIL authentication for AST clients. KOBIL's product portfolio includes everything from One-Time Password (OTP) solutions to QR authentication, as well as cutting-edge technology in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via Mobile App Security Technology (mAST). You'll be able to manage all of your devices and software applications through a centralized management system that really is secure and adaptable, without compromising your business logic or data.