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Kernel APIs

SOAP Interfaces

Two SOAP interfaces are included in the installation of the Kernel Module. Find a detailed description of the SOAP interfaces and of their functions in the Java documentation (javadoc) in HTML format.

  • Windows

    C:\Program Files\KOBIL\SSMS\modules\kernel\doc
  • Linux


The documentation is divided into management and services; consequently, into two different directories:


One SOAP interface is on the management node (KernelManagementWs) The URL is

  https:// <FQHN oder IP-Adresse>:8443/ssms gui/soap/mgt/kernel/KernelManagementWs

The Management SOAP interface is used to integrate the management tasks concerning the users with the systems of the IT environment.

Download the javadocs for KernelManagementWs here: KernelManagementWs


One Rest interface is on the management node (KernelManagementRestWS).

Download the javadocs for KernelManagementRestWS here: KernelManagementRestWS


The second SOAP interface is on the services node (KernelServicesWs). This interface is used for the integration into applications.

The URL is:

  https:// <FQHN oder IP-Adresse>:8445/ssms-services/soap/svc/kernel/KernelServicesWs

Download the javadocs for KernelServicesWs here: KernelServicesWs

Use these interfaces only within a secured environment. As, via the SOAP interfaces, sensitive information like configuration changes and validity verification of passwords are carried out, it is important for security reasons that these interfaces are accessed in a computing center separated and secured from the internet.

Roles and permissions

The use of the Management SOAP interfaces is controlled by roles which define the permissions of every operator. The Services SOAP interface is authenticated only by SSL and does not need any other authentication of the operator.