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Publish Bridge Error Codes (SubSystem 522)

SubSystemErrorCodeHttp CodeNameDetails and TroubleshootingConsole Message
5221500InternalErrorSomething unexpected, please check the service logs for additional details and contact support.message: String? = null
522-1400AbsUnreachablemessage: String? = null
522codehttpCodeHttpResponseErrorException while parsing the Response of upstream service. Check the response for additional details.message: String? = null
52210400UpstreamInvalidResponseException while parsing the Error which is coming from the upstream servicemessage: String? = null
52211400UpstreamInvalidErrorMessageException while parsing the Error which is coming from the upstream servicemessage: String? = null
522400400BadRequestInvalid data found in the requestmessage: String? = null
522404404NotFoundResource not found. Check that the called URL is correct.message: String? = "Not Found"
522409409ConflictABS service returned HTTP CONFLICT. Perhaps there is no such User in this Tenant.message: String? = null
522405405MethodNotAllowedHTTP Method is not allowed. Check the OpenAPI specification to see which endpoints support which HTTP modes.message: String? = null
5224001400MissingRequiredFieldMissing required field in Json object. Check response for for missing field and compare against OpenAPI specification."Missing required $location"
5224002400MalformedFieldMalformed field in Json object. Check the response for additional details."Malformed $locationAndReason"
522httpCode.code()httpCodeGenericHttpErrormessage ?: httpCode.reasonPhrase()
522codehttpCodeAnyServiceErrormessage: String?
522codehttpCodePublishBridgeErrormessage: String? = null

Additional Details and Troubleshooting

Error Codes between 10-11

These error codes are related with REST communication between internal services. Try to adjust RestServices.WebClientOptions parameters with respect to your current system load, and resources.