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Administration and Deployment Guide KOBIL Shift

The Administration Guide has the following goals:

  • to enable infrastructure teams to prepare the infrastructure for KOBIL Shift
  • to enable DevOPS teams to deploy KOBIL Shift
  • to enable development or administration teams to configure and retrieve mobile and backend app relevant settings

The Shift Installation and Configuration Guide will explain how to install and configure the KOBIL Shift service parameter and files to get the KOBIL Shift services deployed by using

For this purpose the guide is structured in the following sequence:

  • Pre-Deployment Guide KOBIL Shift will explain the KOBIL Shift services and how the architecture is designed, which components and services are available and how to use them.

  • Installation Guide will explain how to install¬†KOBIL Shift services in the K8S environment using helm install - Shift Installation Overview

  • Configuration Guide will explain how to configure the KOBIL Shift service parameters including platform specific configurations for Shift - Shift Deployment for Shift Operator - Shift Deployment for Shift

  • Administration Guide will explain how do KOBIL IDP specific setup/configurations including app relevant settings [Shift Administration](Not to be included in Website for now)