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What is KOBIL Shift Light?

In a brief the KOBIL Shift Solution provides

  • a standardized interface for authentications (OIDC) and authorisations (UMA) via apps

  • app security

    • RASP (Runtime application self-protection)
    • Integrity protection
    • version management
    • device risk policies

It consist of the components

  • KOBIL IDP (identity provider)
  • KOBIL AST Services (PSD2 certified 2FA authentication and security control server)
  • App MC SDK (app hardening and client component of the PSD2 certified 2FA)
  • KOBIL Dashboard/Portal Services (Support Console)

Solution Architecture

KOBIL IDP Services is a platform to allow Single Sign On (SSO) with Identity and Access Management (IDP) aimed at modern applications and services. You will be able to add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions to applications and secure services using standard SSO protocols. There is no need to deal with storing users or authenticating users. It is all available out of the box through KOBIL IDP. You will get advanced integration features such as Identity Provisioning via industry standard protocols and Intelligent Authentication via KOBIL specific authentication methods.

The main functionalities are:

  • User management
  • Management of registration/de-registration processes
  • 2FA device management
  • Account self service
  • Authentication (1FA/2FA) via KOBIL AST Services
  • Authorisation (2FA) via KOBIL AST Services

KOBIL AST Services is the control and security server for all KOBIL authentication clients. The KOBIL product portfolio covers a wide range of security solutions, from One-Time Password (OTP) solutions to the cutting-edge technology in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You will be able to manage all authentication token, may they be app or hardware based through a central management system, without exposing any of your business logic and data to security risks.

The main features of AST Services are:

  • PSD2 certified security and control server for all KOBIL clients/token
  • Device management
  • App management
  • Certificate Management with internal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certification Authority (CA)

KOBIL Dashboard/Portal Services provide an easy to use support interface for user and device managent.

KOBIL SCP Notifier is the solutions pushnotification sender (for iOS/Android) apps.

KOBIL MC SDK: The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a mobile device software platform that provides developers of Android and iOS mobile apps with a secure execution environment (RASP) and device binding. Various mechanisms are implemented in the SDK to ensure the integrity of the code to be executed. This includes a specially secured sub-environment "Virtual Smart Card" (vSC), which is secured with the help of the KOBIL Shift backend. Before activation takes place, the AST Services evaluates the data from several security sensors provided by the SDK. This allows the AST Services to verify the health and device binding of the app.