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KOBIL Shift Installation and Configuration

Shift Installation and Configuration Guide

Audience for this part of documentation is the Admin-Expert (DevOps) to configure the KOBIL Charts metaconfiguration-file "values.yaml" parameter (key:value) before running the deployment to the Kubernetes Namespace.
KOBIL Shift deployment is a 2 step deployment:

  • First install the KOBIL Shift-Operator Charts to the target namespace
  • Secondly install the KOBIL Shift Charts to the target namespace.

Find more details about the components here

Requirement for initial steps

  • Request & get private KOBIL Repository access credentials for KOBIL Chart-Repository and KOBIL Image-Repository
    Find more info for Repo access credentials here: KOBIL Repository Access
    Ensure to create the ImagePull-Secret in the targeted namespace before running the helm install actions.

  • Check for valid Host/Domain-names (TLS-Endpoint termination considerations)

  • Check for Shift requirements from the Readme files (helm show readme kobil/shift)

  • Prepare for creating internal KOBIL Shift "Issuer CA" KOBIL Shift internal CA

How to deploy KOBIL Shift on Kubernetes

  • Download the Shift and Shift-Operator Chart archive files helm pull kobil/shift and helm pull kobil/shift-operator

  • Extract the charts and copy out values.yaml (or you may use helm show values kobil/shift directly)

  • Create the Image pull Secret in the targeted namespace prior to the KOBIL Shift-Operator and KOBIL Shift deployment.

  • Configure KOBIL Shift-Operator(values.yaml) key-pair values for your needs and run the KOBIL Shift-Operator install helm install shift-operator -f ./values.yaml kobil/shift-operator

  • Configure KOBIL Shift(values.yaml) key-pair values for your needs and run the KOBIL Shift install helm install shift -f ./values.yaml kobil/shift

How the KOBIL Shift configuration is generated for the deployment

More details for the KOBIL Shift configuration setup is documented here: Shift Deployment Configuration Guide

  • Buildin-Defaults  - overruled by
  • ConfigMap Settings - overruled - if possible - by
  • SubChart key-values (parameter)  - overruled by
  • Deployment configuration file "values.yaml"

Installation Guide

Shift Installation Overview (addressing how to install KOBIL Charts using helm)

Configuration Guide

Shift Deployment Configuration Guide (addressing how to configure the KOBIL Chart values parameter)

Platform Specific configuration

Platform Specific Shift Configurations (addressing specifics for AWS EKS, Google GKE, Openshift)